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  • It's YOUR showroom.


  • It's YOUR pricing policy.


  • Measuring services are no charge.


  • Designer selection services are no charge.


  • Photo-realistic 3-D design services are no charge.


Let us be your sales team.  We know you are busy with all the work that goes into building and completing your remodeling projects.  As a professional contractor, that's what you do best!


What we do best is design and sell kitchens and baths to your customers.  And we do it for you at no charge.


From helping your customers define their personal wants and needs, to showing them their dream kitchen on a display screen to help them decide, we are fully equipped to help you close the sale and delight your customer.


And here is something else that really sets us apart ... we will help your customers select the other related materials for their kitchen and bath project (tile, tops, fixtures, etc.).


We don't even care if you buy those items from us or from your established wholesaler.  It is just another service to you, our cabinet customer.


Pricing policies are for you to decide.  Some contractors have us quote prices to their customers, with or without a designated mark-up; while others deal directly with us regarding prices.  It is your choice, your decision, your policy.


You want to sell remodeling projects.  We want to sell cabinetry.

Let's work together to delight your customers.